CRS Scholarships

Arsh Fraji Scholarship 2019

Each year CRS awards scholarships to Canberra region students with a refugee/asylum-seeker background.  The awardees are aged from 5 to adult and are currently undergoing, primary, secondary or post-secondary education in the Canberra region.

The scholarships are named after Mr Geoff McPherson AM, founding President of Canberra Refugee Support Inc.

Canberra Refugee Support is again running the Geoff McPherson Scholarship Program in 2022.

CRS plans to award around 45 scholarships, with a total value of between $35,000 and $40,000.  To achieve this, we need help from the Canberra community to raise the funds required. 

We would not be able to support our wonderful awardees without these contributions.  All donations are vital to the work of CRS, and all contributions make a difference to our local refugee community.  Thank you for support provided in previous years, and we ask that you contribute to this important program.

The purpose of the scholarships is to acknowledge and provide recognition of meritorious performance, and to encourage and support outstanding refugee students.  The scholarships help the students cover education related costs such as fees, books, computers, or other materials for their studies

These scholarships are an important part of the support provided by the CRS to refugees and asylum seekers undertaking studies in the ACT region.

As in previous years, the awardees are nominated by our partners, the ACT Education Directorate, CIT, Companion House, Australian Red Cross (ARC), NAVITAS, Max Solutions and CRS.  All these organisations provide training or support to refugee and asylum seeker students in the Canberra region.

Through this program we want to say to the recipients that we welcome you to the Canberra region, we acknowledge what you have achieved so far, and we look forward to what you will contribute to your family and to the community in the future.

Normally scholarships are awarded at a major ceremony during United Nations World Refugee Week.  This year, COVID restrictions mean that there will be a number of smaller ceremonies in June linked to the organisations that nominated the awardees.  CRS hopes that we will be able to return to a single major ceremony in future years.

The scholarships being presented have been made possible by generous donations from the Canberra community.  We particularly thank those individuals and community groups that have provided us with generous, continued, and longstanding support. Thank you for your support.  We will provide an update and more on the recipients of these awards once the presentations are complete

Past CRS Scholarship Recipients:

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