Supporting the settlement of refugees in our national capital

Why become a member of CRS?

By simply signing up and paying a $40 membership fee, you will provide invaluable support to the work CRS does.

  • Your fee covers CRS’s administration costs so that all donated money can be used to directly support asylum seekers and refugees. (Please contact us if the membership fee is difficult for you to pay
  • CRS draws its support volunteers from our membership, so the first step to becoming a support volunteer is to become a member.
  • Members can help with one-off needs such as help moving furniture, or with specialist information that might help someone access a service, gain employment, get help with their studies, or with donations of household items.
  • Our membership group forms an extremely valuable network from which our support volunteers and committee can request assistance.  

Members receive occasional emails from the committee with news of CRS activities, requests for specific assistance to the asylum seekers and refugees supported by CRS, and requests to join good neighbour support teams.

Members can be involved as much or as little as they like.  Financial membership alone is already a great help.

Orientation sessions for new and prospective members

CRS conducts orientation sessions which are designed to introduce CRS to potential new members and let interested people know of our activities. All are welcome – for information about session times and to register your interest to attend just email: .

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