The program helping refugees learn to drive in regional Australia

Learn to drive

Published 3 January 2022 at 4:01pmBy Abby DinhamSource: SBS News

Two Congolese refugees living in Albury-Wodonga recognised their communities were isolated due to limited public transport – so they’re setting up the region’s first in-language driving program to help.

In the driveway of a suburban home in Wodonga, in northern Victoria, a small grey hatchback with a cracked tail-light and scratches along the bumper is being inspected.

Kimararungu Nelson Budederi and Runezerwa Masange, known as Nelson and Masange in the local Congolese community, are examining tyres, safety features and an additional brake and accelerator on the passenger side.

From the outset, the car is unremarkable.

But in reality, it carries the hopes of hundreds of Congolese refugees living along the Victorian-New South Wales border.

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