Meet the Sydney volunteers who are feeding families fleeing Gaza

Mostafa Rachwani Thu 4 Apr 2024 00.51 AEDT

Palestinians arriving in Australia on visitor visas are facing hardship – and community organisations are stepping in to help.
Alaa leans back in his chair after a hearty iftar at Shanglish, a Sydney restaurant that has been offering free dinners to Palestinian refugees.
“Without their generosity, we would struggle to eat at all,” he says.
“I have brought my family here three times this week, each time they are more than accommodating. They even call me and ask if I am coming today. We are indebted to them.”
Alaa has asked to remain anonymous, concerned that his words could affect his family’s application for refugee status. He is on a student visa and brought his family to Sydney on visitor visas as the death toll from Israel’s onslaught on Gaza continued to climb. More than 32,000 people are reported to have died so far.

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